Ry Skin Protection TOKYO - A YEAR

Ry Skin Protection TOKYO - A YEAR

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 Disposal card-type package, high-quality petrolatum with a smooth like gel 

Product Details

  • Ingredients White Petrolatum 100%

  • Size 5cm*4cm, 0.5g / card

  • Quantity 365 pieces (w/o box)


  • Adopting a card type package that can be easily opened with one hand, it is slim and portable, and it is hygienic with a disposal type. It can be easily folded and opened with one hand, so it can be used quickly when you want to use it.

  • High quality white petrolatum domestically produced by further refining general white petrolatum and removing impurities.

  • It has a smooth feel and is not sticky.           

Recommended Usage

  • For prevention of friction of clothing and shoes in sports outdoor environment and dry scratches caused by outside air.
    e.g. Surfing, Ski, Snowboarding, Running, Martial arts, Rugby, American football, Basketball, Soccer, Skateboard, Cycling competition, Golf, Camp, Mountaineering, Fishing etc.

  • For preventing dry skin in aircraft

  • For prevention of rough skin by wearing a water work hand disinfectant mask

  • To prevent dry skin while sleeping

  • To prevent rashes and dryness on baby's skin

How To Apply

  • Take an appropriate amount and apply it while gently spreading it.

  • Apply to sensitive areas before playing sports.

  • Apply Ry skin protection TOKYO on top of your existing moisturizing cream to enhance the moisturizing protection effect.

  • When using basic cosmetics together, apply Ry skin protection TOKYO at the end.

  • When using for babies Gently apply to areas around the mouth that are prone to rashes, buttocks or areas that are prone to dryness.



  • Please use it carefully to see if there are any abnormalities on your skin. Do not use if you have an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or eczema.

  • Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, itchiness and irritation, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

  • Avoid storage in places with high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.

  • The contents may become liquid from around 30°, so be careful not to splash the liquid when using it. There is no quality problem.)

  • Please be careful when storing and carrying as the contents may leak if strong force is applied from the outside.

  • Keep out of reach of infants.