For those who live sports and take their body seriously

The health care information that you see and hear on daily basis is full of seemingly probable false information, and you fall under the delusion that you can easily get the results you want.
Many people are confused by such information and suspect that there may be misunderstandings and excesses or deficiencies in daily self-care. We believe that there are many cases in which we do not seek solutions to our own health care problems from the beginning, but simply review our lifestyle habits.
In order to have a healthy body and your ideal beauty and strength, it is important to maintain the essential care you need every day, such as dietary management, adequate sleep, and continuous exercise. In addition to that, you need to add personalized care and training.
Utilizing the knowledge of the founder who is a pharmacist and sports pharmacist, by creating a simple, clear and reliable product that is pharmaceutically convincing, it is an essential care for those who love sports and those who are serious about their body. Ry is the brand that was launched from the desire to support above people.


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> (arrow) is an image of improvement and progress
It means improving people's health and improving athletes' performance in competition and training
It expresses the fusion of positive thinking, and pharmaceutical and scientific thinking of the two founders behind the product and brand.